Canyon Road Door (Santa Fe) - Southwest Collection
 Shiranda Deerwoman

Taking pictures has been a joy for Shiranda since childhood.  While her formal training and background is in teaching and counseling she has recently determined to make her photographic prints and original cards available to people "beyond those in her immediate backyard". As she does so, she  continues in her present services  as a Counselor and Healing Arts Professional in Payson, Arizona and surrounding areas.

Shiranda has made her photographic images available for nearly ten years. She finds that one of the most delightful aspects of working with the images is designing inspirational prints and occasion cards with original verse as well as that from scripture,  A Course in Miracles, and other meaningful text. For Shiranda, a beautiful image combined with moving words is "hard to beat".  A card with a message that allows one person to touch another, is a gift that is a shared blessing.

Shiranda's images have been available as prints and/or cards  at Peggy Neuman Fine Arts Studio and Picture it Framed in Albuquerque, as well as at various gift shops in  New Mexico, Colorado, Michigan, Wisconsin, Massachusetts and Payson, Arizona.  In 2005 she received Honorable Mention for one of her winter images in the Alibi Newspaper  (Albuquerque) Annual Photo Contest. 

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